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News and updates

Public hearings 

The Disability Royal Commission hold public hearings, which are formal proceedings where witnesses give evidence, under oath or affirmation, about the events, circumstances, and experiences of violence, abuse, neglect and exploitation of people with disability. 

All public hearings are streamed live on the Disability Royal Commission website.  All previously held public hearings have been recorded and are available by clicking here.

Barriers to accessing a safe, quality and inclusive school education and life course impacts

The next public hearing is scheduled to commence on 12 October 2020, and will examine the barriers experienced by students with disability in accessing safe, quality and inclusive school education, and the resulting impacts on the life course of those students and their families.  

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The Disability Royal Commission publish a range of material to keep people informed of their activities, and to also seek feedback from people with disability and others on important topics.

Issues papers

Research is an important part of the Disability Royal Commission’s activities, including publishing issues papers to get feedback from people to learn about all aspects of violence, abuse, neglect and exploitation experienced by people with disability.

The Disability Royal Commission encourages responses from individuals and organisations. Responses to issues papers can be made in any language and provided by email, in writing, by phone, by audio or video recordings.

Connect Newsletter

To help you stay up-to-date with the work and activities of the Disability Royal Commission, they publish a fortnightly eNewsletter called Connect. 

You can see all Connect newsletters here, and subscribe to receive them via email here.

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