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Life Skills & Personal Assistance

We will work with you to develop your skills, capabilities, independence and personal confidence to make your goals a reality.

Your supports can include:

  • Support with self-care, mobility, daily living, domestic and household tasks and home maintenance
  • Development of independent living skills
  • Support planning to move into your own home
  • Support for recovery from injuries
  • Assistance to plan and access community, social, recreational and learning activities
  • Learning to navigate and stay safe in the community
  • Transport assistance and public transport education
  • Learning to use information, communication and technology
  • Assistance with decision making, daily planning and budgeting.

NDIS Funding Support Categories

The following support items can be used from your NDIS plan to purchase this service:


Assistance with Daily Living (1.01)
Transport (1.02)
Assistance with Social and Community Participation (1.04)

Capacity Building Supports

Support Coordination (3.07)
Improved Living Arrangements (3.08)
Increased Social and Community Participation (3.09)
Improved Relationships (3.11)
Improved Learning (3.13)
Improved Life Choices (3.14)
Improved Daily Living Skills (3.15)

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