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Our experienced team will work with you to develop a tailored therapy program built around your individual needs.

This is done by providing assessment, training, development and/or therapy to assist in the development of skills for independence and community participation. We can help you to develop resources, techniques and skills for when you are at home or out in the community to ensure you are always your best self.

Our therapy services are available to people with disability of all ages, as well as their families, and can be delivered in groups or individually.

Your supports can include:

  • Specialised assessment of skills, abilities, and needs
  • Support to improve participation and independence in daily and practical activities in areas such as language, communication, personal care, daily living, interpersonal interactions and community living. This can include:
    • Social skills development
    • Resilience training
    • Managing emotions
    • Sexuality education: rights, responsibilities and supporting personal safety
    • Shared decision making
    • Safety awareness and assessment, supporting and developing independence
    • Communication dictionaries
    • Communicating routines.
  • Various forms of counselling, including:
    • Loss and grief counselling
    • Family therapy
    • Adjusting to changes and life transitions
    • Understanding the relationship between thoughts, feelings and behaviour (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy)
    • Learning through story telling (Narrative Therapy)
    • Mental health counselling.
  • Training:
    • Mental health training
    • Psychoeducation.
  • Training for parents:
    • Family therapy (counselling)
    • Parent training regarding sexuality
    • Development of routines.

NDIS Funding Support Categories

The following support items can be used from your NDIS plan to purchase this service:

Capacity Building Supports

Improved Daily Living Skills (3.15)

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For more detailed and bespoke quoting of our services to meet your individual needs, please get in touch.

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