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Board Appointments

Community Living Australia is proud to announce board appointments to lead strong outcomes for people with disability.

Community Living Australia has a proud history of providing high quality services to people with disability in the local community.

Providing services to over 500 South Australians with disability across many regions, Community Living Australia is committed to working in partnership with clients and local stakeholders to deliver strong outcomes.

In order to achieve this, it is imperative to have a highly experienced, skilled and dedicated board of directors. As such, Community Living Australia is proud to announce its board of directors for the 2018/19 year:

Continuing directors:

  • Bill Rowe: Chairman
  • Rex Keily AM JP
  • Kym Lynch JP
  • Roz McGowan

Re-elected directors:

  • Garry Ashworth
  • Jill Coombe

Newly-elected directors

  • Edwina Stevenson

Community Living Australia and its board look forward to working with the local community to continue to ensure that people with disability have every opportunity to live independently, to be valued members of the community and to achieve their life goals.