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Youth Social Club - Mount Barker

Youth Social Club - Mount Barker

Ages 10-17

Our Youth Social Club is an after-school support program for children aged 10-17 living with disability. It creates a safe and supportive space where your child can develop confidence, discover hobbies and make meaningful connections.

Engaging Activities

As guided by your child's interests and abilities, we have a range of fun afternoon activities on hand. From crafts, games, sensory play, cooking, tricycles, and more, we ensure an environment where your child can thrive and have fun.

Consistent Schedule

Our weekly every Tuesday from 3:30 PM to 6:30 PM, provides a consistent routine and afterschool activity. 

This term runs from May 7 to July 7

Nutritious Snacks

We will have a healthy afternoon snack during the program to keep us nourished and ready for all the exciting activities.


Our venue at 8 Stephen Street, Mount Barker is a welcoming and accessible space with an outdoor garden, kitchen, computers, personal care rooms and ample space for activities. 

Optional School Pickup 

Additional transport, including school pickup, can be arranged to and from our Youth Social Club.

More Information:

Get in touch with our local team! 

08 8536 5888

 Screenshot of Youth Social Club Flyer, view full size below.

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