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5AA Interactive Lounge

Community Living Australia is committed to supporting our clients as well as people with disability and their families in the broader community to get maximum benefit from the NDIS.

In order to do this, we believe education about the scheme is key – if people understand the NDIS they will be better positioned to navigate it and utilise it effectively. One of the ways we have looked to educate people about the NDIS is through radio. Over the past couple of years, we have had a consistent presence on many of our local radio stations, conducting monthly interviews on-air discussing the NDIS. Recently, we held an ‘Interactive Lounge’ on radio station 5AA.   

As part of the ‘Interactive Lounge’ Mark Kulinski was joined by longtime client, volunteer and most recently employee Michael Reardon in being interviewed by 5AA radio host, Alan Hickey, about the NDIS. During and after the interview members of the public were given the opportunity to call a phone number and speak with one of our team members directly, so that we could help them with any questions they had about the NDIS. Questions were also taken and answered live on air.  

The purpose was to educate the general community but to also provide support to those people who were struggling with the NDIS, had questions and who needed help. Importantly, it also positions Community Living Australia as an industry leader and authority on the NDIS — making us the go-to organisation for information and support.  

Mark Kulinski commented, “the NDIS is such an important scheme for people with disability and their families, it is important it is done right and it is important people understand it and get the benefit they need from it. I view it as our responsibility to help people and provide as much support as we can so that they get good outcomes. I am proud to have been able to help people by offering the interactive lounge.”  

Michael Reardon also added, “it was great to share my experience of being an NDIS participant. I hope my story encourages people to remember that anything is possible and that having the right support does make all the difference.”  

Thank you Alan and 5AA for hosting us on your show and for allowing us to educate and help people with the NDIS, we hope to be on-air again soon.