A Spotlight on Rory

Rory is a client of Community Living Australia.

Rory works at his local gym twice a week. Rory is a bit of a gym junkie, working out at the gym regularly — any chance he can get. He plays basketball with friends and also plays in the regular men’s league.

While sport and exercise is clearly one of Rory’s passions, he’s a well-rounded individual who enjoys a range of activities including dance once a fortnight and cooking classes with a dietician and friends.

In his down time, Rory loves to listen to music, play video games, shop, catch up with friends and visit his brother.

Earlier this year, Rory attended a rock and roll festival with his support worker, Guy. Rory was supported in how to meet new people — it was good advice because Rory got to dance with lots of people that day!

Rory’s fantastic attitude and community involvement has earned him a lot of value in his community.

What a great example of living life to the fullest!