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Celebrating 20 Years of National Disability Services Membership

Community Living Australia was recently celebrated at the 2018 National Disability Awards (NDS) Ceremony held in Adelaide.

National Disability Services is the peak body non-government organisation for the disability services sector in Australia, representing over 1100 member organisations who support people living with disability across Australia.    

Right throughout our history we have been a proud member of National Disability Services as this is an important part of enabling us to deliver the highest quality services for our clients.  

Community Living Australia Chief Executive Mark Kulinski said, “Community Living Australia is very proud to have been a National Disability Services member for twenty years and we want this to continue. Being a member of National Disability Services enables us to build stronger partnerships across the disability and wider non-profit sector, supporting us to have a greater impact for our clients”, he said.  

Mark Kulinski is also a National Board Member of National Disability Services, representing the interests of Community Living Australia and people living with disability in South Australia at a national level. 

We look forward to continuing to be part of National Disability Services both now and in the future and thank them for their support and recognition.