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Celebrating our own - International Day of People with Disability

International Day of People with Disability is held on 3 December each year.

On this day, we aim to increase public awareness, understanding and acceptance of people with disability and celebrate their achievements and contributions.

For this special occasion, we would like to highlight the achievements and contributions to society of two of our clients: Adam and Michael.

Adam's Story

In October 2017, Adam decided to leverage his handywork skills and entrepreneurial spirit by opening his own bike repair business, Adam’s Bike Repairs, in Murray Bridge.

Since then, Adam has fixed and restored dozens of bikes. The success of his business has been a shining example for others who may want to take the plunge with their own ideas.

Adam has sold many restored old bikes over the months; however, with his workshop filled with reconditioned bikes, he decided to expand into philanthropy by donating his bikes to people in developing countries with the help of grass roots charity Bicycles for Humanity.

His first 10 bikes are expected to begin their journey to Namibia, Africa in December.

Michael's Story

Michael is an extraordinary young man who already has a considerable list of achievements to his name.

As an intensely committed person, he has given much of his time, effort and energy into serving the people of South Australia within the non-profit community services sector.

As well as being a client with Community Living Australia, Michael is also a valued member of the Marketing Team. In this capacity, he has uncovered the hidden triumphs of people with disability, sharing their stories with the public through various media. Michael has also promoted and helped demystify the NDIS through a series of explanatory videos designed to present the scheme’s components in a simplified manner.

Michael recently graduated from the University of South Australia with a Journalism and International Relations Double Degree, and he has enjoyed a long list of accolades including twice being recipient of the University’s School of Creative Industries Student Engagement Award. Michael has also recently gained full time employment in a government graduate program in Canberra.

Michael hopes to use his various experiences and qualifications for the betterment of his local community in Murray Bridge and more broadly the people of Australia.

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