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Michael Steps Up in South Australian Parliament

Community Living Australia Marketing Team member, volunteer and current client Michael Reardon spent a week in SA’s corridors of power recently.

Mr Reardon, along with over 80 other participants from across South Australia had the opportunity to experience life as a Member of Parliament for one week debating key issues including euthanasia, abortion, and wage transparency.

Michael spent the week in the Legislative Council and had many personal highlights including being the main sponsor of the Wage Transparency Bill and being a Presiding Officer.

“Being a part of Youth Parliament has brought me great personal joy. I had always been interested in politics but until now had never had an opportunity to pursue it in this way.

My two key highlights of the program were being the main sponsor for my team’s Wage Transparency Bill while also being able to be a Presiding Officer which was both interesting and challenging,” Mr Reardon says.

Community Living Australia Chief Executive Mark Kulinski said Michael’s achievements are a great example of what people with disability can do despite the barriers they face.

“I would like to congratulate Michael on his outstanding achievements not only as a member of the Youth Parliament but also as an employee and volunteer with Community Living Australia.

Importantly, Michael demonstrates what people living with disability can achieve when they have goals, are provided with quality and personalised support and demonstrate perseverance,” Mr Kulinski said.

Michael has been volunteering in the Community Living Australia Marketing Team for 2 ½ years and we want to congratulate him on being successful in securing part time casual employment in the team until February 2019 and for securing full time employment in the ACT Government in 2019 and beyond. Michael will be making the big move to Canberra in February next year and we wish him every success.

Well done Michael on your achievements — we look forward to watching your progress!