NDIS Update

With most attention during this period focusing on the COVID-19 pandemic, it is important to reinforce that the NDIS is still moving forward and developing as a scheme.

The NDIS has completed its rollout across the nation with all participants completing their transfer from the old state-based systems. We are proud as an organisation, looking back on our efforts in supporting clients and families/carers to make the transition to the NDIS. 

Many people are now having their NDIS plans reviewed. The reviews define people’s goals, determine the supports they have been receiving and whether they have been effective in supporting them to achieve their goals and engage in community. As an organisation, we want to emphasise that we are here to support our clients and families in the plan review process and if you are approaching your review and need support to prepare, please contact us. We are committed to supporting our clients and families to get the greatest benefit possible from the NDIS.  

Recent data released demonstrates that the NDIS is growing, that the number of people accessing the scheme is increasing and that plan utilisation rates are also improving. This is positive news as it shows that the benefits of the scheme are reaching more of the people who need it.  

Despite this positive trend, a review conducted in 2019 made a range of recommendations on how to improve the National Disability Scheme Act. One of the key recommendations from the review was to introduce a Participant Service Guarantee. The Participant Service Guarantee will set the standard of how the NDIA fulfils its obligations to participants of the NDIS, addressing the issues uncovered in the review. The Participant Service Guarantee is due to be rolled out on 1 July 2020. Community Living Australia will provide updates on this once they become available.  

Although the NDIS is still demonstrating some limitations and pain points, Community Living Australia remains supportive of the scheme and maintains its commitment to supporting its ongoing development and improvement. Together, we can continue to improve the NDIS and the outcomes it delivers for people with disability.  

If you are coming up for review, or have any questions regarding the NDIS, please contact us so we can help you to achieve your goals.