New Home Owner in the Murraylands

We’d like to congratulate one of our clients for recently becoming a home owner!

Norman has diligently saved for five years with the support of his family, Community Bridging Services (CBS) and our team in Murray Bridge.

He gradually accumulated a deposit using his disability pension and his part time job at John Hickmont Racing where he works as a trainer. CBS helped Norman land the job and continues to support him in his employment.

Our team has also supported Norman with getting ready for work, budgeting and learning life skills so that he can live more independently.

After five years, Norman was able to save $19,000! On receiving the $10,000 first home owner grant and with the help of Homestart, he was successful in receiving a loan which led to his purchase of a house in his hometown of Murray Bridge, moving in during July this year.

Norman has been immensely delighted by this momentous achievement which has been a long-term life goal of his.

With one of life’s biggest financial hurdles now ticked off his to-do list, Norman can now focus on one of his greatest passions: video gaming.

A great example of what can be achieved with determination and the right supports, Norman’s story also shines a light on the challenges people with disability face when purchasing their own home and having stability and agency in where they live.

Having access to gainful employment and affordable and accessible housing close to community amenities are key to home ownership, especially for people with disability.

Home ownership has many benefits – creates financial security, safety and can be important for people’s wellbeing.

While people with disability face barriers which make home ownership less likely, people with intellectual disability are at an even greater disadvantage.  

Whether or not home ownership is the best option for an individual – people with disability (including those with intellectual disability) should have the same opportunities as people without. Governments, advocates and the community have an important role to play in ensuring that more people with disability, regardless of means, can achieve home ownership.

Norman sitting on the steps of his front porch.