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Respite Service Launches in Murray Bridge

People with disability and their families provided with peace of mind with revamped respite service.

Being a full-time carer of a young child or an adult with disability can be challenging for many parents and carers, particularly when trying to juggle work commitments and caring for other children. For an adult living with disability who is living out of home independently or in shared accommodation, the requirements and responsibilities of living independently can also become quite tiresome and stressful.

Community Living Australia is pleased to announce the opening of a revamped respite service for children and adults living with disability in Murray Bridge. This new service is designed to provide people and their families a much needed break from the strains of daily life and the role of full time caring.

Community Living Australia is the local trusted provider who supports children and adults living with disability, helping them to increase their independence, learn new skills, connect with their local community and achieve their goals.

Molly Baulch, Regional Manager for the Murraylands explains, ‘as much as providing a needed break and support to people with disability it also provides an opportunity for them to build relationships, skills and independence.’

‘Having a respite service in the Murraylands is a great outcome for our clients and families. It will enable them to better access the local community,’ Molly added.

Community Living Australia Chief Executive Mark Kulinski commented:

‘The opening of our revamped respite facility demonstrates our strong commitment to the local community and to ensuring that we can continue to provide our clients and families with the highest quality services focused on meeting their goals and realising their dreams.

The redevelopment of this venue would not have been possible without the provision of a generous grant by the Community Living Australia Foundation. We appreciate their commitment to providing funds to enhance the lives of people living with disability in the local community.

If you or someone you love is living with disability and may be interested in accessing the respite service you can contact Community Living Australia on 08 8536 5888 or

Community Living Australia is a registered NDIS provider.