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Revamped Respite Service Re-opens in Murray Bridge

​Community Living Australia is pleased to announce that a revamped accessible respite guest home has just been re-opened in Murray Bridge.

Available to both children and adults with disability, the venue is fully accessible and boasts some great facilities including a nice, large outdoor area, vegetable patch, basketball ring, arcade game consoles and modern facilities.

The refurbished accommodation will make a big difference to our clients and people with disability in our local communities providing them with access to a greater variety of services.

As much as providing a needed break and support to people with disability it also provides an opportunity for them to build relationships, skills and independence.

Having a respite service in the Murraylands is a great outcome for our clients and families. It will enable them to better access the local community.

The opening of our revamped respite facility demonstrates our strong commitment to the local community and to ensuring that we can continue to provide our clients and families with the highest quality services focused on meeting their goals and realising their dreams.

The redevelopment of this venue would not have been possible without the provision of a generous grant by the Community Living Australia Foundation. We appreciate their commitment to providing funds to enhance the lives of people living with disability in the local community.