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Rewarding and Recognising Achievement

At Community Living Australia, we are committed to recognising the many wonderful achievements of our clients, staff, volunteers and those in our communities.

We recently launched the Community Living Australia Rewards and Recognition Program. 

This program gives everyone the opportunity to bring to our attention inspiring people who deserve recognition. 

We want to recognise and celebrate with those people in our organisation who are achieving truly great things and to use them to motivate us all in doing better every day.

There are many awards available which can be grouped into two categories: client awards and staff and volunteer awards. There is also a general community award for which anyone is eligible.

Clients, their families and employees of Community Living Australia can nominate people. You can also nominate yourself — is there something you’re proud of or an important message you can convey through your receiving this award? 

To nominate, fill out the application form. Hard copies are available at our offices. Digital versions are available at href=""> and an online application form is also available on that page.

The Rewards and Recognition Program will run annually. Nominations for 2019 close end of October with winners being announced in December.

Please show your support and nominate one of the many deserving people in your community.