Rewards and Recognition Program - Award Winners

Last week we had the privilege of holding our first awards event for our Rewards and Recognition Program at Government House.

Recognising and rewarding clients, staff, volunteers and community members who are achieving goals and improving our communities and the lives of people living with disability, the awards seek to encourage these amazing people to continue their great work and for their achievements to be an inspiration to others.

We thank His Excellency the Honourable Hieu Van Le AC, Governor of South Australia and his wife Mrs Le for hosting the event and congratulate all of the nominees and award winners.

Client Award Winners:

Chairman’s Achievement Award – Adam Thomas - presented to Adam Thomas for demonstrating significant and notable achievements in line with his Individual Support Plan. Particularly starting his own business – Adams Bike Repairs.

Chairman’s Achievement Award – Amechai Bawden - presented to Amechai Bawden for demonstrating significant and notable achievements in line with his Individual Support Plan. Particularly starting a microenterprise, attending the Special Olympics in Abu Dhabi, moving out to live independently and being involved in multiple community groups.

Community Participation Award – Jeffrey Hocking - presented to Jeffrey Hocking for actively engaging in the community through valued roles. Particularly for his role volunteering in the local school to support a young student with Down Syndrome.

Encouragement Award – Malcolm Costello - presented to Malcolm Costello for demonstrating the willingness and motivation to achieve personal goals. Particularly the creation and growth of his own gardening business.

Staff Award Winners:

Dedication Award – Sandy Norris - presented to Sandy Norris for showing commitment to quality service and continual improvement and dedicating herself to improving the lives of people with disability over an extended period of time.

Impact Award – Meagan Canny - presented to Meagan Canny for delivering significant improvements in our services, the lives of our clients and people with disability.

Client Award – Mikayla Saltmarsh - presented to Mikayla Saltmarsh for providing exceptional services and demonstrating a willingness to extend herself to help others and improve the quality of life for our clients.

Volunteer Award – Sally Charlton - presented to Sally Charlton for demonstrating Community Living Australia’s values, showing commitment and having a positive impact in supporting Community Living Australia to achieve its aims.

Community Award – Lisa Hutchison - presented to Lisa Hutchison for the positive and enduring impact made to the lives of people with disability.