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Rewards and Recognition Program Awards Night - 2021!

This week we were super pumped to hold our second annual Rewards and Recognition Program Awards night!

Recognising the outstanding achievements of our clients, employees, volunteers and members of the community!

Unfortunately, we cannot unveil all winners below, as some winners from our regional areas could not attend on the night and therefore have not yet been notified and presented with their awards. This will be happening over the next few weeks, and we will continue to provide updates, so stay tuned!

The awards and winners presented on the night were:

Client Awards:

- Encouragement Award – awarded for actively engaging in the community through valued roles.

Winner: Allan Hoppe – selected for his motivation and ingenuity in running and growing his own café microbusiness.

- Education Achievement Award – awarded to recognise commitment and achievement of educational outcomes.

Winner: Jasmine Hobbs – selected for continuing her commitment to her studies at the University of Adelaide and her completion of a sewing and design course at TAFE. 

- Chairman’s Achievement Award – awarded for demonstrating significant and notable achievements in line with individual support plans.

Winner: Ken Scott and Amanda Laube – awarded for pursuing their goal of marriage and successfully moving in together. 

Employee Awards:

- Dedication Award - awarded for showing commitment to quality service provision, continual improvement and improving the lives of people with disability for an extended period of time.

Winner: Meagan Canny - Meagan is a Team Leader in the Adelaide Hills and was selected for her 15 years of exceptional commitment to quality service provision and dedication to improving the lives of people with disability.

- Impact Award - nominated by peers and awarded for delivering significant improvement in our services and the lives of our clients.

Winner: Hayley Stuart – Hayley is also a Team Leader in the Adelaide Hills and was selected for her hard work, leadership, dedication and generosity, having a significant impact on her team and the lives of her clients.

- Client Award - nominated by our clients and families and awarded for providing exceptional services and demonstrating a willingness to extend themselves to help others and improve our clients' lives.

Winner: Sue Aubert - Sue is a support worker from the Murraylands region and was selected for her development of innovative learning programs such as a money skills program that has been incredibly popular with and beneficial for clients.

Community Award: recognises the positive, enduring impact a group or individual makes to the lives of people with disability in the regions that we serve.

Winner: Rock n’ Blues Krew! - The Rock n Blues Crew is a group made up of Darcy, Sean, Nathaniel, Josh and Rory and they were selected for organising the inclusive Rock the Coast concert in Middleton that brought together music lovers both with and without disability in the region. Funds raised from the concert were donated to the CFS. 

At Community Living Australia, we are passionate about and committed to supporting our clients to achieve their goals and live their best lives possible.

That is why the purpose of this program is to recognise and reward our clients, employees and members of our community who are committed to either improving themselves and achieving their goals or supporting this achievement in the lives of our clients and people living with disability.

Once again, we want to congratulate all winners and nominees. You are all doing a fantastic job and were deserving winners. Keep up the great work!