MYRIAD - 2018 SALA Exhibition

We recently hosted one of the largest exhibitions of art by people with disability in the state!

Held in August at the Adelaide Convention Centre, Community Living Australia with their exhibition titled ‘MYRIAD’ provided the opportunity for over 60 artists with disability from all across the state to display more than 150 pieces of artwork to the community.

The word Myriad is defined as ‘countless or extremely great in number’ and in this way is a reflection of the exhibition which is made up of a myriad of artists, abilities, artworks and stories.

Bill Rowe, Chairman of Community Living Australia expanded on this further to add, ‘the exhibition and its title can be seen to reflect our broader community, which is made up of many unique people with their different stories, personalities, cultures, beliefs and abilities. MYRIAD, like our communities brings these differences together showing that when they are accepted, celebrated and embraced that collectively a piece of beauty is created.’

‘The ongoing importance of community connections, celebrating talent and acknowledgement of personal achievement is critically important for one’s continued wellbeing,’ explained Mr Mark Kulinski, Community Living Australia’s Chief Executive. ‘MYRIAD’ provided an opportunity for the artists to tell their individual stories and to be celebrated and acknowledged for their meaningful contributions and to be noted as valued members of their community, added Mr Kulinski.’

‘Recognising talent, building community connections, and appreciating personal achievement were all key motivations behind hosting the exhibition,’ added Mr Rowe.

The exhibition highlights Community Living Australia’s ongoing commitment to helping to create an Australia where people with disabilityhave valued roles in the community, the opportunity to achieve their goals and the ability to realise their dreams.

Congratulations to all of the participating artists for their outstanding work and to Community Living Australia for hosting such a fantastic event that provides the opportunity for artists with disability to showcase their skills and to express themselves without the barriers of social acceptance. We look forward to seeing the exhibition in 2019!