Shaun proves injury is no barrier

At Community Living Australia, we are strongly committed to supporting our clients to achieve their goals, working with them to face and overcome any challenges or obstacles.

For 34-year-old Shaun, this means using persistence and determination to make a valuable contribution to his community.

In 2016, life changed greatly for Shaun when he suffered an illness which severely affected his strength and coordination.

This had a significant effect on Shaun and the quality of his life, taking away levels of his independence and preventing him from engaging in many of the usual activities that he enjoyed. Initially, Shaun couldn't drive or participate in playing golf a great passion and skill of his.

Despite this, Shaun has made excellent progress recently that is a true testament to his character and determination.

Following the illness and as part of Shaun's recovery, he had a personal goal and set the next challenge for himself of finding a job so that he could get more involved and give back to his community and once again increase his level of independence.

We were proud to be able to assist Shaun with this process, helping him with writing his resume and any paperwork during the job seeking process and accessing his community and supports.

Recently, Shaun secured work as a car detailer with Edwards Crash Repairs.

Shaun is relishing in the role and importantly, has also returned to playing his beloved game of golf, competing in a team at the CLA Foundation annual charity golf day in September last year as well as some local events.

He averages some exceptional scores on the golf course but due to living a full and busy life especially with his new role he has had to put this somewhat on hold for now.

Well done Shaun on your outstanding achievements, keep up the great work.