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Speedway Action at Murray Bridge

Some of our Murraylands clients recently took the opportunity to have a night out at the Murray Bridge Speedway.

This is always a great place for anyone who loves all things cars and speed and our clients were no different.

The roar of a motor combined with the excitement of a great local crowd makes the speedway a worthwhile event if you’re a budding car enthusiast.

The event was as always very well attended by the local community and an exhilarating atmosphere was shared by all.

A big thank you goes out to the Mobilong Rotary Club who very generously donated the tickets and organised for our clients to attend.

Developing relationships with local community groups and businesses such as the Mobilong Rotary Club is a priority and is extremely beneficial in being able to support our clients to access the community.

We are very thankful and appreciative of the support given by the Mobilong Rotary Club and look forward to continuing our association.