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Sports Report: Tri State Games 2019

The Murray Magpies and Hornets were on fire this year at the 2019 Tri State Games.

Tri States is an annual event that brings people with disability from across SA, NSW and Victoria together to compete in a range of sporting and athletics activities over a week in November. 

Each year, at The Tri State Games, memories are made and friendships are forged. This year the games were held in Port Adelaide.

Murray Magpies

The Murray Magpies entered four teams — a total of 25 athletes.

On Monday, our athletes participated in indoor sports, with Adam Thomas and Ken Scott winning gold in eight ball and Roslyn Thomas winning the gold in basketball shooting.

Tuesday was spent in the pool with all athletes participating well, winning numerous medals.

On Thursday, athletes participated in athletics, having two track events and one field event. Our teams performed well, winning many medals. Murray Magpies D — consisting of Ann Draper, Joan Wilson, Kaitlin Nuske and Michael McCracken — did exceptionally well, winning 1st place for most improved. The trophy was presented on the final night and was accepted by Team Captain, Callan Robertson.

Friday was team sports where athletes showed off their soccer, bocce and t-ball skills. A fun morning was had by all.

Congratulations go to Roslyn Thomas for receiving the Female Athlete of the Games Award — what an accomplishment!

This year, we also farewell Skeet Medlow. Skeet has been involved in the Murray Magpies team for over 20 years, being an invaluable volunteer and marshalling at The Games. On behalf of past and present athletes and the Community Living Australia team, we would like to thank Skeet for all that he has done for the Murray Magpies over the years.


Community Living Australia’s team from the Hills/Strathalbyn region - The Hornets - kicked off the first day of competition in style, taking out gold in carpet bowls and silver in eight ball — taking out 1st place overall for indoor sports. 

The team had a successful week: medals were won, personal bests achieved, friendships rekindled.

The Tri State Games is not just about the competition.  The camaraderie and sportsmanship is heartfelt and definitely worth being a part of.

The Tri State Games is a full week of early mornings, busy days and late nights. Wednesdays have always been a day off from competing, giving athletes the opportunity take things at a slower pace, but this year the team experienced the earliest start of the week, deciding to forego a sleep in and take part in World Kindness Day.  

We would like to acknowledge and congratulate The Hornets:    

Donna Stewart, Sophie Pinkerton, Kristin Day, Sarah Masters, Gary Chadwick, Wayne Knights, Paul Kuchenmeister and Darryl Cornaggia.

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank the wonderful Community Living Australia team members who make the Tri-States a reality and support clients to achieve wonderful results.