Alan Gives the Coffee Business a Shot

Staff Enjoy the Perks as Alan Gives the Coffee Business a Shot

Alan is brewing up a storm at the Community Living Australia Stephen Street office in Mount Barker.

With help from Meagan — Team Leader — Alan acquired a coffee machine and launched his business in 2018. 

“I got the machine but had to wait till the supervisor came to teach me,” Alan explained.

"I learnt lots on my own in a short amount of time — it doesn't take me too long to learn these sort of things."

Unlike other baristas, Alan offers a personal touch, taking orders at people’s desks each morning and also catering for the occasional event.

Alan handles all aspects of the business from taking orders, money-handling, preparing coffee, graphic design and marketing — often devising new ideas to expand his business.

Alan also partners with the Day Options cooking class to sell delicious food and dessert to staff. 

The team has expressed their delight about the business.

“You know a good coffee when it can be enjoyed black” said one coffee aficionado 

“I’ve graced many coffee dispensaries and Alan’s coffee has all the characteristics I’d expect from a seasoned barista — I’ve never been disappointed by one of his ground concoctions.” 

On asking what his plans were for the coffee shop, Alan responded, “I want it to be a restaurant, maybe sell some food one day.”

We look forward to finding out what other plans Alan brews up.