COVID-19 Update - Providing people with support during the pandemic

Community Living Australia team has been working hard ensuring the safety and wellbeing of all clients and employees.

The Community Living Australia team is relieved for the relatively low number of COVID-19 cases in South Australia. We certainly don’t think we are ‘over’ the pandemic but as an organisation and community – we appear to be managing well. Our challenge is to continue to keep people safe and have good plans if a future outbreak occurs.

We are grateful for client and family understanding and support for the safety measures we introduced. Taking into account government and health professional advice, we are gradually increasing our personal, in-home, community and small group support. We will contact clients shortly to discuss how they can safely resume activities and supports as soon as possible. We may modify services and supports where needed to ensure we adhere to government and health professional advice and requirements. We will discuss any changes with our clients.

Essential supports will obviously also continue and we invite anyone to discuss any changes to their needs with us so that we can offer them support solutions as they require them.