Wedding Bells

Payteena Treloar and Steven Harvey got married on the 4th May at the Christian Family Centre in Murray Bridge where they also held their reception. They have been together in a relationship for six years.

Payteena — or Teena, as she likes to be known — has been with Community Living Australia for six months.  She has an acquired brain injury from a car accident that occurred when she was 16 years old and also suffers some physical difficulties due to the car accident.  Teena and Steven were in a relationship together for only a short period of time before her car accident. Teena was in a coma for some time.  

Today, Teena and Steven have a young son who is four years old and Teena gave birth to another healthy boy in August.

Teena’s Support Worker assisted Teena to prepare for her wedding helping her organise her make up appointments and investigating other things needed for the wedding day.

Teena and Steven’s story reminds us that disability — while being a challenge — should not stop us from achieving love, family and our dreams.

Community Living Australia would like to offer their congratulations to Teena and Steven and wish them a long and happy future together!