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Work Hard, Play Hard

Sean, from Middleton, is loving life – especially when it comes to work and keeping an active lifestyle.

Sean works at Mobo Group Scrap and Salvage Goolwa, two days per week.

While he has many responsibilities, Sean’s regular tasks include housekeeping, restoring donated goods for sale and pulling things apart for scrap.

Outside of work, you’re likely to find Sean shooting some hoops, cycling, and hitting the gym at the FIT Fitness & Health centre.

It is great to see Sean getting so involved in his community and getting fulfilment from his work.

This is just one great example of the work our team is doing in the region to support clients in achieving their goals, being active in their community and increasing their independence.

Sean provides a great example for how people with disability can become more active and involved in their local community and as a team we are excited to continue to support more clients to achieve this level of community engagement.