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World Kindness Day

World Kindness Day was celebrated around the world on Wednesday November 13.

World Kindness Day was celebrated around the world on Wednesday November 13. The day’s message is to breach barriers like geography, culture, race and religion and to find our commonalities and coexist. The day gives people and organisations the opportunity to commit acts of kindness in an effort to bring a little happiness to others and make the world a better place.

In collaboration with radio station FIVEaa, Community Living Australia went all out on this special day as clients and staff across our regions visited various locations across the state to share messages of kindness.

Our team weren’t all talk though, giving away vouchers for free coffee and even paying for people’s parking. 

Mark Kulinski was amongst the action

‘It is so easy to get consumed with the pressures of modern living. By taking time to be kind to others, we are hoping to have a ripple effect across our local communities as more and more people are inspired to get involved,’ said Mark. 

Community Living Australia is also hoping that its random acts of kindness highlight the valued roles people with disability can have in their community. ‘Some people view people with disability as recipients of support and services. Our random acts of kindness and the other great work that the people we support do such as making breakfast for children who may go to school hungry or successfully running their own businesses showcases the skill and community mindedness of the people we support,’ added Mark.

Community Living Australia’s involvement in the day was inspired by the random acts of kindness started by clients and the team in the South East last year.