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5 Reasons to be a Support Worker

So you are interested in finding a job or starting a career where you can make a difference, and you think you may be interested in becoming a disability support worker.

This is fantastic! 

We are glad you have come here to learn more about the role and the reasons why you should become one. 

There are many reasons to be a support worker, and below, we have identified what we believe are the main five. However, if you are someone who is not familiar with the role and with the industry, you probably firstly find yourself asking, what is a disability support worker, and what do they do? 

Being a disability support worker is about supporting people with disability to develop their skills, live as independently as possible, be involved in their community and achieve their goals.

Again, we hear you asking yourself, ok, but what does that mean in terms of specific tasks? 

Well, in regards to specific tasks, the role of a support worker could involve helping somebody in their home to cook, clean, budget and shop, it could be helping them with personal care like showering, getting dressed, eating or it could be helping them get in the community, like go to the movies, the gym, the shops or a café or to meet up with a friend.

This just sounds like helping somebody live everyday life you may be saying to yourself, and you would be absolutely correct!

Many of these things may sound simple — helping somebody with disability to live independently, be involved in the community and have relationships. When we think about it, however, it is these simple things, the ability to self-determine these simple things in our life that make it meaningful, purposeful and fulfilling. A support worker, every shift, is helping to make these things possible for the person they support. They are helping somebody with disability live everyday life in the way they want to. 

So now you have learnt more about what the role actually is and what the role entails, you are probably keen to hear what we think the five main reasons for becoming a support worker are. 

  1. Making a difference — being a support worker is a job where you directly get to impact somebodies life, helping them achieve their goals and live the life they want to live. Our support workers often cite this — the meaning, purpose and fulfilment, as the number one thing they get out of the role.

  2. Doing a job that matters — people with disability deserve to have the same rights, opportunities and quality of life as any other human. The role of a support worker directly assists with helping them attain this, having a direct impact on their quality of life. What could be more important than helping somebody live a healthy, quality and fulfilling life and ensuring they are provided and supported with the opportunities to do this.
  3. Work flexibility and financial security — as a support worker, there is an opportunity to work a range of shifts that fit around lifestyle, family, study and other work commitments. There is the possibility to work weekends, overnights, evenings, mornings or day time hours — providing great flexibility. Importantly, being a support worker also allows people to meet their financial goals.
  4. The variety and being challenged every day — when working as a support worker you are working with people, and therefore every day is different with its own unique opportunities, challenges and successes. Each day you will be facing new challenges, doing new activities and working towards new goals with your clients.
  5. Bringing your own skills and interests to the role — the role of a support worker enables you to bring your own skills, interests and expertise to the role. We are looking to match support workers with clients based on interests, skills and goals. A client may have the goal of learning to cook, therefore having a support worker who is passionate and skilled in this area can be advantageous, enabling the client to learn from a skilled and passionate individual and allowing this individual to work in an area in which they have an interest.

Of course, there are many other reasons to be a support worker, but if these reasons appeal to you and if you are interested in joining the team as a support worker, please click on the ‘apply now’ button below. 

We cannot wait for you to join the team, and to start making a difference by doing a job that matters.