COVID-19 Update - 8 April 2020

We take this opportunity to reflect as we start the second quarter of 2020, to again thank our clients, families and employees for placing their trust in Community Living Australia.

With the many changes announced by the federal and state governments in an effort to flatten the curve on the spread of COVID-19, we continue to undertake daily assessments of new information and developments to inform our decisions. We remain committed to our objective of protecting our clients and employees from potential infection. 

The rate of infection remains a serious threat in Australia, and as such, over the weekend, announcements were made by the government in relation to further measures to be enforced this week. The theme remains in limiting contact through physical distancing and reducing numbers in outdoor and indoor gathering. 

To reassure you, there have been no confirmed cases of COVID-19 reported in any of our venues or affecting any of our employees; it is vital to continue to treat our response to COVID-19 with an abundance of caution to keep protecting clients and employees of Community Living Australia.

What happens if Community Living Australia gets a CONFIRMED case?

We would like to provide you an overview of what you can expect to happen in the event of a COVID-19 diagnosis occurring in one of our locations. Community Living Australia has in place a robust risk management and emergency response plan in preparation for such an event to: 

1.     Contain the virus to prevent further spread; and 

2.     Protect our clients and employees at that location

What happens if a client presents with symptoms of the COVID-19 virus? 

If a client presents with cold or flu-like symptoms, medical opinion will be immediately sought to determine if the client is required to be tested for COVID-19. 

The client will usually receive the test results back within 24-72 hours, and if returned positive, the venue will immediately activate a plan to contain any further spread of the virus. At the same time the COVID-19 Response Team will be notified and from that point, work with the Line Manager and service to implement all necessary process to protect clients and employees whilst we await results. 

What happens if a client or Community Living Australia employee tests positive for the COVID-19 virus? 

With immediate effect, the location will be placed in lockdown and a dedicated Core Team will be deployed. We will personally contact each affected client’s authorised contact to inform them of the situation and explain the details of what processes are being put in place. 

These processes include: 

  • All affected clients will be required to remain in their rooms as much as practicable
  • Enhanced infection control practices activated 
  • Implementation of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) for all employees with strict entry protocols for the delivery of care 
  • All communal activities will cease and common areas restricted for use 
  • Room-service dining will be implemented for all clients 
  • Daily support provided to the location to monitor client wellbeing, infection management and provide support
  • Wellbeing Check-in calls from family and loved ones as required 
  • Daily review & management of our workforce to ensure continuity of care for clients
  • Ongoing check-in calls with our employees to ensure their physical and emotional wellbeing

Will I be notified of anyone testing positive to COVID-19?

As soon as we are aware that there is a positive case of COVID-19, Community Living Australia will work with SA Health to immediately notify any affected clients (and their carers) and employees. Community Living Australia will continue to provide regular updates as they become available.

How will I know when the danger of infection has passed? 

Community Living Australia will work closely with clients, employees and health authorities to minimise any impacts and maintain the safety and wellbeing of all people affected.  Community Living Australia will advise affected people when the location is cleared from the risk of further infection.

Should I get the Influenza Vaccination?

During the months of April and May, influenza vaccinations will be available through our pop up medic clinics and local pharmacies. We strongly encourage clients and employees to get vaccinated as any precautionary measure you can take to protect your health will be extremely important as we move into the flu season compounded by the current COVID-19 environment.

Government Coronavirus Australia App and WhatsApp 

The government has released two mobile Applications which are now accessible to the public. They provide updates on COVID-19 as well as general information to assist people in understanding and working together to keep the community safe. You can download them as follows: 

  • Coronavirus Australia App Google Play and Apple App Store 
  • WhatsApp Android or IOS 

We will continue to update you as relevant information is released by health authorities, or if there are changes to our operations that may affect our clients or staff.

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