Sue's Testimonial - Why I love being a Support Worker

“It’s the most rewarding job I have ever had!... I get a kick out of helping clients be involved in the community.”

Sue has been a support worker for Community Living Australia for over four years.

Sue loves the open road, visiting the Limestone Coast and meeting new and interesting people.  

Sue worked in a variety of different jobs, previously being a bartender, delivery driver, cook and cleaner. 

Sue now loves being a support worker with Community Living Australia where she helps people with disability learn life skills, saying, “it is truly the most rewarding job I have ever had”, “I get a kick out of helping clients be involved in the community.” 

Sue initially became a support worker because she had “always enjoyed helping and empowering people.” 

When asked what she enjoys most about the role, Sue responded, “the clients bring a smile to my face every day, I get so much joy watching them achieve their goals and seeing the pride they have on their face when they do.”

When talking about specific experiences and highlights from working in the role, Sue remembers teaching a young man to use the sewing machine, explaining, “seeing the concentration and delight on his face while learning to sew was amazing.” 

Sue also takes pride in her involvement in a program where she supports three people make healthy muesli bars that they donate to local schools. The school gives the muesli bars to students who attend without food or who having eaten breakfast. “Helping the people learn these skills and support others in the community, and seeing the pride they get from this is amazing”, explains Sue. 

As you can see, the role of a support worker, simply, yet importantly, involves helping people live their life, their way and to get involved in their community in the way they want to.

This may seem simple, but it matters. 

Doing the job of a support worker means, like Sue, that you get to have a positive and life-changing impact on another person’s life. You get to have a job that matters, a job that helps someone achieve their goals and dreams.

Along with other things, the role of a support worker requires the provision of support and assistance to help people:

  • get out and about in the community
  • learn new life skills, such as cooking and budgeting
  • and to learn skills for independent living

Our team come from all walks of life, and it is their life experiences, skills and dedication that makes a difference.

Want to know more about the role of being a support worker? Or want to apply and get the journey started? Click the link below to visit our current vacancies page and apply today. 

In the words of Benjamin Franklin “why put off to tomorrow what you can do today?” Join Sue in making a difference in the lives of people with disability today, and start your journey along a career path filled with fulfilment and meaning.