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Who We Are

At Community Living Australia, we strongly believe that in our lifetime we will contribute to creating an Australia where people with disability will have valued roles in the community, the opportunity to accomplish their goals and the ability to realize their dreams.

We aim to be your trusted partner, working with you to achieve your goals and to live the life you want to live. Our approach to delivering services to people living with disability, and their families, is based on four key guiding principles:


You can trust us to keep your best interests as the driving factor behind all that we do and that we will do what we say.


We will be honest with you always, we will keep you informed about any decisions or changes that may affect you.


Your service will be reliable we will always do our best to deliver what was promised when it was promised. We cannot promise everything, but what we do you will get.


We will work in partnership with you, ensuring that our services are tailored to your needs and that we work holistically to achieve the best outcomes possible.

Our Promise

We will work with you in partnership, placing you at the centre of all that we do and making sure that our services are of the highest possible standard and that they are tailored to your individual needs. We want to work with you to help you do more, achieve more and be more.

If you ever feel like we are not remaining true to this promise or that our services are not meeting your needs, please let us know and we will respond quickly.

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