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A partnership with Community Living Australia is not just about giving – it is about working together in a way that is mutually beneficial and delivers outcomes for people with disability and the communities they live in.

What’s in it for you?

There are numerous advantages in partnering with us for your business including demonstrating to the community and your stakeholders that you care about corporate social responsibility.

A corporate partnership allows us to increase funding to existing services and develop new innovative programs; a quality partnership with Community Living Australia will allow you to meet your business objectives – whatever they may be.

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) has many advantages that can apply to any business, regardless of size or sector.

The potential benefits of CSR to companies include:

  • better brand recognition
  • positive business reputation
  • attracting positive media attention
  • increased sales and customer loyalty
  • operational costs savings
  • better financial performance
  • greater ability to attract talent and retain staff
  • organisational growth
  • easier access to capital

You will be seen as a business that is supporting and working with people with disability, to make their lives the best they can be and to make our communities the best they can be.

What’s in it for us (and people with disability)?

You can help us and people with disability in your community in many ways. The funds we receive from corporate partnerships achieve the following:

  • Increased funding for existing services
  • Enables the develop of new and innovative programs
  • Enables expenditure on equipment, infrastructure and systems
  • Means we can go above and beyond in our service delivery and provide value adds to our clients

As a not for profit organisation we rely heavily on the support of organisations like yours. It is through this support that we can continue to improve our services and address the barriers people with disabilities face to living full and inclusive lives.

Together, we can make lasting change for people living with disabilities across South Australia.

Corporate Partnership Options

Partnership covers many different touch points from staff engagement opportunities, to enhancing your brand through a targeted cause related marketing strategy – together we can design a tailored partnership with tangible benefits to both our missions.

Some of the various options are outlined below:

Pro-bono or In-Kind Donations

Many organisations prefer to support charitable causes with pro-bono work or in-kind donations.

We welcome any type of support that reduces our costs and/or assists us to operate more efficiently, allowing us to concentrate on what we do best – making a difference in the lives of people with a disability.

Workplace Giving

Another way to support our work is by offering workplace giving as an option to your employees (also known as payroll giving) as an option to your employees.

Workplace giving is a simple way for employees to regularly donate to Community Living Australia and support people with disabilities.

Each pay, employees can elect to support Community Living Australia and people with a disability by donating an amount of their choosing from their pre-tax salary.

No matter how small the amount, every dollar is greatly appreciated.

Organisations can make the donation dollar go even further by launching a matched giving program – every dollar raised by staff is matched by the organisation. What a powerful way to lead by example and show your support in a practical life changing way.

Workplace giving programs are easy to set up and payments can be made each pay cycle – weekly, fortnightly or monthly.

Event Sponsorship

At Community Living Australia we have a variety of annual and ad-hoc events occuring throughout the year. Corporate support enables these events to deliver optimal impact for people with disability.

Myriad Art Exhibition (SALA)

In 2017 we held our first ever exhibition for artists living with disability. Held as part of the annual South Australian Living Arts Festival (SALA), it was a resounding success with over 20 artists exhibiting over 60 pieces of art.

Due to its success, our Myriad Art Exhibition is held annually in August and displays art from over 60 artists from across the state at high-traffic venues including the Adelaide Convention Centre and the State Library of SA.

Visit our Events page for more information.

Golf Days 

Each year, we host charity fundraising golf days in the Murraylands and Adelaide Hills. Funding from these events go towards improving the lives of people with disability. We are always looking for corporate teams and partnerships for these fun-filled events.

Visit our Events page for more information.

Tri-State Games

The Tri-State Games are an annual, week long, national sporting event for people with disability. People with disability from South Australia, Victoria, and New South Wales come together to compete in various sports and activities. Often this is one of the highlights of our clients’ year and comes at a significant expense. With numerous teams attending from across our regions corporate sponsorship can assist with transportation and accommodation costs as well as apparel and equipment.

Program and Service Development

Offering a wide range of programs and services there is plenty of opportunity for corporate partnership should one of our services match your needs and areas of passion.

We are always interested in partnering to innovate and develop new quality services and programs for people with disabilities.

Award and Grant Sponsorship

We offer a range of award and grant programs to our clients and people living with disability in our community. Often these are to support people to achieve higher levels of independence and their goals. This is a great way for a business to align their brand with outcomes, development and achievement for people with disability.

Vehicle Sponsorship

Transport is a significant cost and can be an isolating factor for people living with disability, particularly in regional communities. It is also a significant cost for us as an organisation. The opportunity is available for corporate partners to sponsor transportation – that is, purchasing, branding and running costs of vehicles to support the increased independence and availability of transport to events and activities for our clients.

Equipment and Activity Sponsorship

Across our regions and services there is plenty of opportunity to utilize an increased amount of equipment particularly sensory and therapeutic items, and to engage clients in additional and new activities.

If you are interested in supporting any of the causes outlined above or have any other ideas, we would love to work with you.

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