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Getting ready for your plan

What is an individualised support plan?

Once you are eligible to participate in the NDIS, you can start the planning and assessment process.

This plan focuses on you as the participant. It is the start of a life-long relationship between you and the NDIS and It uses goal-based planning to maximise your independence.

How do I get ready for my first NDIS plan?

Before starting this process, it is important to consider what your support needs and goals are. Talking to any current providers will help to ensure your supports are meeting your needs. It is also a good opportunity to consider whether new supports are needed to help you plan for the future.

Your first plan will be in place for 12 months and may include similar supports and services you currently receive.

Once the plan is in place you will be able to think about how those supports are working for you and if there are other supports which may help you achieve your goals. Any changes can be discussed with the NDIA representative during the annual review process.

Planning Meeting Checklist and Workbook

We have created a checklist to help you prepare for your planning meeting with the NDIA to ensure you have everything you need and we have also created a workbook which you can go through and complete and take to your planning meeting to ensure you have all the information you need for the meeting.

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