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Putting Your Plan Into Action

How do I put my plan into action?

There are many ways you can access your supports in your approved plan. Some options are listed below:

Local Area Coordinators (LAC)

The NDIS will establish LAC which you can contact to assist you to find community activities and the mainstream services that help you achieve your goals.


This means you have control over your supports and how they are provided.

You can choose the providers you want to deliver the services you need. You will usually need to have a written agreement with your providers.

Participant Portal

You can access your plan on the Participant Portal, an online tool available through the MyGov website that keeps all your documents together. The portal can also facilitate payments to providers. You will be given access to your specific details on the Participant Portal when your plan is approved.

How can funding in plans be managed?

You have choice and control over how you use the funded supports in your plan. This includes choice of how the supports are provided and which service providers you use.

There are five ways a plan can be managed:

1. Agency Managed

Providers of your supports claim funding directly from the NDIA

2. Plan Managed

Funding in your plan is allocated to a third party so they can manage the financial transactions in your plan. Community Living Australia is a registered Plan Manager.

3. Self Managed

You (or your nominee) directly manage the funds - all transactions are completed by the participant for services rendered.

4. Automated Payments

These funds can be deposited into an NDIS bank account weekly, fortnightly or monthly.

5. Combination

A combination of the above four options can be used together to meet your individual needs.

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